An Unfinished Love Letter To No One In Particular

Although for another English class, I will post this here first. The assignment is to write a love letter in media res and not give the letter a finish. So here goes nothing. 


after you had told me those secrets, I wondered if you would leave me alone. As if the things you had shared had released you of a burden, but the nature of it all would be too much for you. I love you because you are stronger than your secrets and your shame. As always, those words are burned into me. The heat of it all isn’t painful, instead it’s comforting to know that my faulty memory has remembered to hold onto something. You always spoke so carefully, maybe that’s why I can remember everything; even the most insignificant words were lucky to have come from the grace of your mind, to have touched your lips. Even the lull of your voice could calm my worried mind. Sometimes I want to sing the most cliche pop songs with your face in mind. I’m not sorry that I have. What connects the two of us is so fragile, nothing more than spiderweb – like strings that make you and me, “us.” And I love us because we are so weak, because at any moment you could leave and never return with the simple tug of these strings. Instead, you choose to stay, and so do I. There is nothing hopeless about us, just something so intrinsically strong in the weakest of fibers. There is nothing desperate about you, except that one time (you know what time) and we actively forget that. Only because you insist that desperation is futile and I let you believe yourself. I love you because you are the complex of the sun and moon, because you are complicated and refreshing. When I first met you I thought you were cold, I was disturbed by your allusiveness. So no, this wasn’t love at first sight, if such a thing exists for people. And as I’ve gotten wiser to your ways I know that your “coldness” is simply just that you get nervous talking to people you don’t know. You worry so much about first impressions, it’s endearing on the highest levels. The people who meet you know they have met a strong force in the universe, your presence cannot be denied. There is something powerful about your smile although you rarely show it; the scowl you carry around is your shield to the world. Sometimes I wish you were less guarded, but there is something special about how you hold yourself so tightly behind those self-created walls. You are poetry and rhythm, your are vibrant in your gray world.  You are charming without knowing it and I know that I have found someone powerful and creative and 


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