I live for,

I live for 
the small validations of life, small stars on dark nights, for
the large validations in life, spring after a particularly long winter, for
tight hugs from friends you’ve missed, for 
teary reunions with family members, for 
doing better at something than you thought you would.

I breathe for 
awkward eye contact with beautiful strangers, for 
drunken conversations with enthusiastic people, for
that moment when you actually remember what you had forgotten, for
eating an entire box of cookies and not feeling guilty about it. 

I live for the people in my life that created me, 
and for those faceless people I hope to someday create, for 
the past, present and future version of me, for
letting that girl (whoever she is) know that the world is hers, for
being loved unconditionally 
and for finding what it means to love others in the same way. 


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