Aside: The Monologue of My Heart (if it could talk-it can)

“You cannot have this space” my heart says
as it pushes you out of the place you once occupied.
Your eyes are wide, you think there is someone else,
as usual, there isn’t.
But there could be.
“No, you have to go now.” It says as you stumble through the
same apologies that you usually jump to.
You pull at my heartstrings, in all the right places, I weaken but
I know that I cannot crumble this time, not like all the times I have before.
“Please, don’t make this hard on me.” My heart says, it’s tired, so much aching,
and waiting, and missing, and longing all bottled up at once.
You don’t listen, this is one of our failures.
I cannot say enough to make you hear, you cannot listen enough to hear the words I say.
“This is mine now.” My heart grumbles as you leave the space that once was yours.
It was a long run you had.
The  space is concave and awkwardly shaped, all the times
I wanted to push you out, to damage the area you held of me. The space
is not cruel, no, it is hopeful.


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