I look at her and I see myself.
Not now, give me grow and get wiser.
I see my eyes and my nose and my smile.  I see the way she
cares about everyone in the world and I hope I can be as good as her.
I watch as she makes dinner, so nonchalantly. I would say careless, but that
would be such a lie.
She does everything with care.

I look at her and I see love pouring out of her veins,
a fraction of which is what
I hope, to one day offer to the world. She is
with positivity and a brightness that would
blind if she wasn’t so careful about not harming others.

I look at her and know
with such strong conviction,
that she walks on water in this world. Because
she knows how to be gentle, she knows how to fight.
She wrote the dictionary on the right words
to say and when to offer them, in fragments
of comfort that last a lifetime.

I look at her and see that
she is unbreakable, despite some of the universe’s
best efforts. She looks at troubles and laughs
because she knows she is better than them (although she’ll
never admit it- too humble, too kind).

I look at her and I see stress that she hides so well,
did you know
a mother could be so strong?
I did, I do and I know every day that she is
the woman I want to be, so when

I look at her and see myself I am being
unrealistically optimistic about


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