This is not my mind. (yes, yes it is)

“Welcome to insanity.” The voice whispered. It was inside my head, but if anyone asks it was a person on the street that said it. “You’re going to hate it here.” The voice continued. Was it male or female? It was tragically in between the two. Old or young? So far I had figured out that the voice was transcendent of gender, age and well…personal space, as it had invited itself inside of my brain cells without even asking. “You belong with us now.” Okay so creepy voice inside my head didn’t stand alone, it had a whole following of other creepy voices. “You will hate it here, but you will love us.” “Stop talking.” I say. But I don’t say it (that would be crazy) I think it, it doesn’t acknowledge me. It either couldn’t care less, or maybe it can invade my thoughts but not read them. “We will be your friends.” “Go away.” I think as louly as possible. The voice gets no louder, it gets no softer, but I hear it all the same. “Welcome to insanity complete.” 


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