The Happiest

I sat on the couch of his constantly dingy apartment that no amount of sunshine could brighten. We had managed to wrap ourselves up in each others presence while watching a simple movie. “This is where I am the happiest.” I breathed. He didn’t believe me (he never does).
“You said that yesterday.” He said, graciously. I didn’t remember (I never do) and he could tell that my brain wasn’t processing what he had said. “Yesterday in the coffee shop, that band came on that you like so much,” he paused I didn’t answer. “You said you were the happiest there.”
“So?” I could remember it now, almost too perfectly. The music and the smells, the baby in the corner who was laughing with her mom and dad, new parents I could tell. 
“So, how could you be happiest there and happiest here?”
“Yesterday was the happiest I had ever been.” I said quickly “And today I am even happier than that.” 
He smiled, he gets it now (he rarely does).


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